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Nowadays, the issues of healing from a disease and maintaining health and longevity take on a deeper meaning, and the choice of a doctor and institution is sometimes complicated by the banal lack of necessary qualifications or the high cost of treatment. We have tried to attract experienced highly qualified medical specialists to our clinic and use the latest advanced equipment and topical medications. We provide high-level treatment in all areas of modern medicine, while we have made every effort to make the medical services of our center more accessible to patients, and your visit to the urologist (proctologist, surgeon, gynecologist, …) – as much as possible comfortable and painless from the moment you make an appointment.

Doctors of the clinic "New Life"
Врач David Noga David Noga
Head of the clinic, surgeon
Work experience: 34 years
Врач Igor Grynda Igor Grynda
Work experience: 19 years
Врач Rodion Fedorishin Rodion Fedorishin
Urologist, Ph.D.
Work experience: 25 years
Врач Serhiy Usachov Serhiy Usachov
Proctologist, Ph.D.
Work experience: 20 years
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