Diagnosis at the New Life Clinic

New Life International Medical Clinic is a modern diagnostic center, which presents all areas of the latest hardware diagnostics, which allows you to conduct research on various pathologies at the highest level. High-quality equipment and many years of experience of doctors guarantee an accurate diagnosis and treatment in the shortest possible time.

Comprehensive diagnostics of the body in Kyiv

The disease is better to prevent than to cure. This undeniable truth is known to everyone, and the consequence is a regular full examination of the body. On the basis of the Kyiv “New Life” clinic, you can undergo a complex diagnosis of the body and receive extensive consultation from specialists of various profiles.

Comprehensive medical examination at the medical center

In the process of a complete diagnosis of the body, the patient’s state of health is checked using modern methods included in the comprehensive package of examinations:&lt ;/span >

  • therapist consultation;
  • comprehensive tests of blood, urine, feces, biochemistry;
  • ECG, ultrasound, endoscopic studies.

The innovative equipment of the medical institution and the high qualification of doctors will allow to detect the onset of diseases at an early stage and prevent their development. Timely appointment of treatment makes it possible to avoid health problems and reduce the risk of serious diseases in the future.

Indications for medical diagnosis

Who should undergo a full medical examination? The set of measures can be applied not only for preventive purposes (planned examination by specialists), but also for medical examinations, detection of diseases of internal organs in the presence of symptoms. A doctor should be consulted:

  • every person who feels unwell without pronounced symptoms and causes;
  • people who care about their body condition;
  • employees of organizations that require regular medical examination in connection with their professional activities

A general examination of the body is a procedure that can be carried out on the day of a visit to a health care institution. In cases where preliminary preparation is required for the examination, the doctor will schedule an appointment and make a detailed plan for future diagnosis.

You can sign up for a therapist’s consultation for a further full examination of the body on the website of the “New Life” medical center or by contacting the administrator clinics by phone.

Ultrasound diagnosis
Doctor: Liliya Kovalerenko

The main advantages of our clinic

The technical potential of the clinic allows for complex and multi-stage research
All procedures are performed using thoughtful and gentle methods
Modern equipment allows visualization of even hard-to-reach places
All conditions have been created for carrying out various diagnostic procedures
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