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Diagnostic center in Kyiv: innovations for your health

The use of advanced technologies in the medical industry is an essential condition for the formation and development of modern clinics. Only with their help, doctors get the opportunity to treat the most complex, considered incurable until now, diseases, to carry out the most complex interventions. The New Life Medical Center is equipped with the most modern equipment, and the clinic’s specialists strive to continuously improve their skills and find new ways to solve a variety of medical problems.

New Life Medical Center »: services and services at a premium level

The New Life Clinic is a private medical institution in Kyiv, whose activities harmoniously combine the use of innovative methods for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of clients , the highest professionalism of employees and service, the quality of which is beyond doubt. We follow the traditions of family medicine, adhere to the rules of succession and provide comprehensive services to each patient to achieve the most effective result.

New Life Medical Clinic specializes in providing a wide range of services, including primary examination and diagnosis, preventive procedures, treatment, rehabilitation activities. Our doctors specialize in surgery, pathology medicine, neurology, gynecology and urology, psychiatry, etc. Clients of the clinic can make an appointment with specialists of various profiles and count on an individual approach in each individual case.

Departments of plastic surgery , aesthetic medicine and beauty services provide services that allow women and men of any age to prolong youth and achieve perfect appearance. This is an effective and high-quality way to a new one.

Professionals in various fields of medicine are ready to start looking for solutions to even the most complex riddles. Polyclinic “New Life” in Kyiv is not only a high-level service on the spot. These are extended consultations with colleagues from foreign medical centers to obtain the most effective and efficient approaches to treating patients.

Today, New Life is:

  • personalized search for solutions to each patient’s problems;
  • high comfort of service and procedures;
  • certificates confirming the professionalism and qualifications of employees;
  • high-quality comprehensive diagnostics for the best treatment and effective results;
  • anesthesia of the highest level for safe anesthesia during medical intervention;
  • the absence of the usual oppressive atmosphere of hospitals – with us you will feel up to ma!

The clinic is guarded around the clock, which guarantees the safety of every visitor. We work, focusing on the wishes and needs of our customers, without stopping to improve and modify the services provided. Feedback from former patients of the clinic testifies to the main thing – we are doing everything right. And we are not going to stop there – the age of rapid development of technology stimulates the introduction of new knowledge and developments in the process of medical care for its maximum efficiency.

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An experience
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    Doctors of the clinic "New Life"
    Врач David Noga David Noga
    Head of the clinic, surgeon
    Стаж работы: 34 years
    Врач Igor Grynda Igor Grynda
    Стаж работы: 19 years
    Врач Rodion Fedorishin Rodion Fedorishin
    Urologist, Ph.D.
    Стаж работы: 25 years
    Врач Serhiy Usachov Serhiy Usachov
    Proctologist, Ph.D.
    Стаж работы: 20 years
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