Prevention and treatment of cervical diseases

Prevention and treatment of cervical diseases

“The sexual revolution ended with the complete victory of viruses”

(Patrick O’Rourke)


A very apt phrase of an American writer, satirist and person who studies relationships between people. Unfortunately, the problem of cervical erosion remains very relevant and the age of women with cervical disease has become dramatically younger. Why are we doctors so confused by the cervix of women? The answer is very simple – Ukraine occupies one of the first places in terms of cervical cancer incidence and mortality from this disease. And as you know, it is better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Therefore, gynecologists are trying to timely find, diagnose and treat diseases such as cervical erosion, which can lead to cervical cancer.

Everyone knows (in the age of Google search engine it is difficult not to know this) that the cervix consists of two types of cells: flat epithelium and cylindrical, and transitional zone. It is on these three bridgeheads that battles take place, which may or may not lead, depending on the general forces of the body and local protective reactions, to damage. The problem starts with damage. What can damage the protective flat epithelium, the delicate transition zone and the cyclically changing cylindrical epithelium? As it turned out, there are enough traumatic agents: the first place is occupied by viruses (especially the human papilloma virus), herpes virus, other viruses, bacteria, fungi, the simplest associations of microorganisms, plasma, mixes; hormonal changes in a woman’s life – clinically significant and those that pass without clinical manifestations, disorders of neurohumoral regulation against the background of stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, pH disturbances and a decrease in local immunity in the vagina and on the cervix, the effect of alkaline sperm on areas of the neck that are not protected by cervical mucus (damage occurs), traumatizing the actions of rough sexual acts – all this individually or in a heap causes damage and the beginning of cervical disease.

At our medical center, we can prevent, correct, treat, correct cervical disease and continue to monitor the cervix. The photo shows two of the many examples of cervical disease, what was the problem and how we solved the problem.

Prevention and treatment of cervical diseases

Example 1. The girl is 30 years old, she has not given birth – the cervix was affected by a chronic fungal infection, dysplasia of the squamous epithelium, ectropion. After radio wave and pharmaceutical therapy, the following result was achieved in 4 months.

Prevention and treatment of cervical diseases

Example 2. The girl is 26 years old, after childbirth – ectropion, erosion of the uterine hilum, dysplasia of the squamous epithelium. After radiowave and pharmatherapy in combination with physiotherapeutic procedures, such a result was achieved in six months.


Combined radio wave therapy with a hydrocarbon laser was used, with which we removed the damaged epithelium and with the help of pharmaceutical preparations, which mainly consist of phytoraw materials, we achieved closure of the defect with a flat epithelium within the anatomical and age norms for this category of women.

Therefore, dear women, do not neglect the timely consultation of doctors, who will be able to find the problem in time and help you in time, prevent and cure cervical diseases.

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