Doctor Volodymyr Rudyuk

Volodymyr Rudyuk

Work experience: 14 years
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Education and qualifications:

2008 CJSC “Medical Institute of the Ukrainian Association of Traditional Medicine” with a degree in General Medicine.
2010 NMAPO them. P.L. Shupika internship in the specialty “Anesthesiology and Intensive Care”.
2013 Courses in Bronchoscopy and Bronchiology. On the basis of KGKB 18
2015 TU “Anesthesiology in obstetrics and gynecology”
2017 TU “Anesthesiology in obstetrics and gynecology” 1st category
2018 TU “Anesthesiology” the highest category
2019 TU “Heavy airways”
Permanent listener of the International British-Ukrainian Anesthesiology Symposium
and Congress of Anesthesiologists.

In 2020:
Participated in the professional training “Peculiarities of hemodynamics in sepsis”
Participated in the master class “Perioperative management of a patient with deep vein thrombosis”
Took part in the master class “Intensive Care of Patients with Coronavirus Infection in the Light of New International Recommendations”
Participated as a participant in the IV International Symposium “New horizons of anesthesiology, critical care intensive care and pain management”
Participated in the training program with online broadcast “Regional Analgesia: Basic School
Participated in the scientific-practical seminar “Perioperative pain relief in the ERAS program”
Took part in the work of the teleconference “Treatment of patients with COVID-19. Practical experience of doctors of reference hospitals”

Professional skills:

Conducting general anesthesia using IV agents and gases.
Spinal and epidural anesthesia.
Blockade of peripheral nerves of the lower extremities.
Accesses under ultrasound and without to the main vessels.
Airway management (bronchoscope intubation, tracheostomy, conicotomy,
supraglottic ducts).
Ultrasound protocols FAST, BLUE. pocus

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